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MRT along route toward HD migration

3 May 2012
MRT along route toward HD migration

National broadcaster Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) is installing a Utah Scientific digital routing switcher in its Skopje facility. The large size UTAH-400 routing switcher for 3G HD/SD will serve as the main router in the master control room. Initially the new router introduces digital SD to MRT’s system, which is part of its migration plan to HD. MRT will use the solution to broadcast its four channels: MTV 1, MTV 2, MTV Sat, and Parliamentary Channel. Utah Scientific partner AVC, a regional system integrator and solution provider, recommended and coordinated the installation. AVC cited the UTAH-400’s redundancy, scalability, versatility, and low cost of ownership as the main reasons for the purchase. "Utah Scientific’s free 10-year warranty, coupled with local support through AVC Skopje and the company’s support center in Italy, made the UTAH-400 the most cost-effective option for MRT," said Igor Trajkovski, managing director of AVC Group Skopje. "The router is also future-proof thanks to its ability to support both HD and 3G. It will continue to serve MRT as the organisation progresses on its path to HD, which further contributes to its low cost of ownership and was another critical factor in the buying decision." "Eastern European broadcasters are steadily upgrading to digital, first to SD and then to HD, and MRT has been very strategic in its equipment decisions," said Reto Brader, general manager EMEA at Utah Scientific. "Instead of simply copying and pasting some solution that has been implemented before, MRT has carefully evaluated the options. Thanks to help from our partner AVC, MRT’s selection not only serves them today, but will continue to serve them in the future." MRT’s new Utah Scientific equipment will go live in mid-May.


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