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MRMC releases Bolt cinebot

20 August 2013

Mark Roberts Motion Control has launched the Bolt high speed cinebot motion control rig. For the last 12 months the company has been developing a line of high speed precision rigs specially designed for use with high frame rate cameras such as the Phantom Flex, Weisscam, Photron and iSpeed. The Bolt can be used in broadcast applications such as newsrooms and studios.

There are now systems in the US, Europe and South Africa, and one user commented: “Congratulations on making a fantastic rig. I think officially this is the best thing MRMC have made since the Milo and you can quote me on that! I look forward to doing many shoots with it.”

Bolt is portable, with straightforward interfacing to turntables, liquid pouring rigs, lights and other special effects devices. Its flair motion control software provides full tabletop programming tools for operators, DPs and directors.

The product’s motion, camera lens interfacing, graphical user interface, quiet mechanics and virtual studio plug-in mean it is suitable for any automated studio robotics.


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