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MRMC expands for live sports

8 July 2013
MRMC expands for live sports

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) has increased its range of Polycam tracking systems to include Solo, Velocity and Auto. Polycam was created to offer new editorial and commercial opportunities for live sports coverage. The software controlled robotic system allows multiple triangulated cameras and lenses to track points of interest simultaneously and in realtime, using a single control interface.

“Although the principal of triangulated robotics is well understood,” commented managing director, Assaff Rawner, “producing systems that are easily configured, deliver consistent results, fit technically and economically in a live broadcast environment and offer real creative possibilities, are vital to realising the technology’s potential.”

MRMC has developed Polycam to produce three variations which have been tested and trialled on sports including football, tennis, basketball and horse and dog racing. Polycam Velocity is designed to simplify the control of multiple cameras at race tracks and similar circuits; Polycam Auto is designed to interface to third party image analysis and tracking systems, and automatically control the point of interest of the camera. Finally, Polycam Solo is the general system form that allows a single operator to manually and simultaneously control multiple perspectives and camera motion from a single controller.

“By refining our Polycam features,” added Rawner, “we are aiming to offer a clear path to potential production benefits. Whether the driver is cost savings, unique camera perspectives, enhanced visual analysis or multi-camera web content creation, the new Polycam configurations are designed to add value on many levels.”

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