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MPEGIF showcases the future of television

7 April 2008

The MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) will run a full-day Master Class at NAB2008 on Sunday 13 April dubbed ‘The New Television Experience’, which will explore how new technologies are changing the way digital multimedia is created, compressed, delivered and monetised.

Business and technology leaders will share their experiences and unique industry insights at this year’s Master Class which will feature keynote speakers from Yahoo, The Open IPTV Forum, T-Com, and MobiTV. The keynote speakers will be joined by panelists comprising operators and other leading technology pioneers and industry analysts such as IBM, Turner, Fastweb, Telekom Austria, Thomson, Nagravision, Harmonic, Motorola, IPTV Americas, Amino, Latens, MRG, NXVision and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

This MPEGIF Master Class will provide information to help organisations from all sectors make important decisions with service operators, who have been adopting new video technologies over recent years sharing their experiences to date.

MPEGIF follows a unique conference concept of providing a m_lange of top class keynotes and panels paired with interactive discussion and Q&A focusing on precise information exchange and knowledge transfer. This MPEGIF Master Class will be held between 10am and 5pm, with the Roundtable Panel topics including:

  • How Tomorrow’s TV might look – Differences & Progress
  • Enabling Technology – Status Report
  • Show Me the Money – Business Models & ROI
  • The Role of Internet Television

MPEGIF will also provide an update of the Forum’s work in developing and promoting open MPEG standards and the MPEGIF Logo Qualification Program.

“The new television experience requires that we learn from the success of the internet and indeed the continuing progress and evolution of technology,” said Sebastian Moeritz, president of MPEGIF and CEO of Dicas. “Our industry is set to adopt a much more sophisticated perspective through, for example, the increased availability of more personal, intuitively selectable content and the provision of relevant and transactional targeted advertising. Content will always be king and in this context only a consumer-driven business model with all paramount interests of consumers taken care of can ensure recurring and transactional revenues paired with maximum retention of customers. Our MPEGIF Master Class is an ideal platform to exchange views and thoughts on these topics.”

“The industry has been undergoing a massive change in direction and MPEGIF has changed in step with this,” said David Price, vice president of MPEGIF and at Harmonic Inc. “Questions about codecs have long been put to rest replaced now by significant questions about business models and overall ecosystems and the MPEGIF Master Classes reflect this shift in emphasis and are attracting panelists from operators with real experience in these next generation video delivery models.”

Attendees can register online for the MPEGIF Master Class for a fee of $295 for NAB members and $325 for non-members at

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