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Moving massive metal media

14 October 2013
Moving massive metal media

Heavy metal supergroup Metallica turn movie stars in Metallica: Through the Never, which is now on screens in both conventional and IMAX 3D. Production company Venture 3D used Signiant’s cloud services to transfer very large files to its partners.

Signiant Media Shuttle was used to deliver live footage of the band to the post facilities which were blending the music with the dramatic action. Because the content was in 3D and high resolution, it was not uncommon for a single clip transfer to be 200GB or more.

“With other solutions we face limitations on the size of the files we can transfer and the number of users that can collaborate on a project,” said Todd Cogan, SVP of operations at Venture 3D. “Media Shuttle is our ‘go to’ file transfer solution and we regularly use it for our most time-sensitive and top priority projects, like the Metallica movie. It is flexible, extremely intuitive, lets us easily manage users and work from multiple locations, and it does not inhibit our workflow in any way.”

The Signiant Media Shuttle system layers intelligent file movement software on top of existing enterprise network infrastructure. Through three simple user modes – send, share or submit – it ensures secure digital media exchanges and workflow efficiency, without purchasing additional connectivity bandwidth.

“3D films are among the most massive assets in the industry,” said Rick Clarkson, vice president of Product Management at Signiant. “We are honoured to have Venture 3D’s high-profile work.”

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