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MovieTech slides in with new dolly

12 June 2012
MovieTech slides in with new dolly

Given that today’s camera crews often carry a spread of cameras, Movietech’s new slider, the Scooter Dolly, is the one slider for all eventualities. Billed as strong, silent and stable, it can support high-end cameras over narrow-gauge tracks which are made of specially profiled, extruded aluminium.

At only 4.8kg in weight, it is portable and equally well suited for shots that call for lightweight camera equipment, such as the Panasonic AF101 or the Red Scarlet. Packing down into a small container and easy to assemble, it is perfect for any situation where a manned camera dolly is superfluous or impractical.

Nick Allen-Miles of the distributor Ianiro International said: “The Scooter Dolly is the system that can handle it all – from the Arri Alexa to the Canon 5D. It is designed for crews that demand cinema-quality results and want to switch between cameras whenever they see fit. It’s a tool that saves time as well as money and reduces the size of the kit bag.”

The empahsis of the Scooter Dolly is clear: versatility. Track available in lengths of 90cm, 160cm or 230cm and can be combined to any length. As well as adapting to different categories of cameras, the dolly can be mounted on camera tripods, ground adapters, euro mount adapters or on a Magnum Dolly. Even boxes and ladders can be used as an underlay for the tracks. The standard package of the MovieTech Scooter Dolly includes track connectors and adjustable base plates. The range of hands-on accessories includes numerous adapters and a telescopic rod – ideal for operation at floor level or even – uniquely – overhead.

The Scooter Dolly is engineered to the highest standard. As a result it has the rigidity to deliver total picture stability. It has a remarkably smooth and quiet action – thanks to wheels that have an optimized tread with adjustable pressure – for peerless cinematic motion.

The Scooter Dolly is available starting from €2900.

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