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Moto TV goes on-air with Etere

25 July 2011

Moto TV, the new thematic Sky Italia channel dedicated to the world of two wheels, has upgraded to an Etere enterprise software solution. Etere MERP enables the station to create and run all the workflows required for managing and transmitting its new thematic channel. The channel’s scheduling department is located in Milan while the ingest and playout centre is located in Rome; in this scenario, operators create and manage daily scheduling remotely through the Etere Executive Editor tool which permits a frame accurate planning of all those assets intended to be aired and as well as a comprehensive management of the related secondary events.
 Etere Ingest is used to either manually or automatically capture contents into the video servers. Etere Hi-Res Transcoder is the module in charge of providing the creation of the related proxy file to be used by the operators for previewing contents and inserting asset mark points (SOM, EOM, commercials break interruption point, bulk video, etc). 
 The core of the playout centre is Etere Automation, the module installed using a ‘main and clone’ implementation for a reliable broadcast of the entire TV channel programming alongside with the corresponding secondary events such as audio/video router switching, crawls and logos through a fully redundant architecture. 
 Etere controls various equipment throughout ingest and playout processes including Grass Valley K2 standalone servers, one disk-based nearline store, two VTR ingest, one Pro-Bel Sirius router and one Miranda LGK-3901 logo generator.

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