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Mosart moves to magazines

28 March 2013
Mosart moves to magazines

Mosart Medialab, the production automation system designed specifically for news programmes, is now extending its influence into other types of content. TV2 Denmark, along with production company Nordisk Film TV, is now using the system for magazine programmes. The system is being used for two live shows a day, a morning talk show and an evening entertainment programme. Both have been produced on location at the Hovedbanegården, the main railway station in Copenhagen since the beginning of the year. The original reasoning for Mosart was to provide automated control of all of the video and audio production equipment, driven by the running order and script of a news programme. TV2 was an experienced Mosart user in its news department. What Nordisk has done is to take this same concept and expand it to a more complex operation. “As we set up the production environment for these two talk shows, we saw Mosart as an attractive choice not only because it is familiar to TV2 operators, but because it opens the door to long-overdue advances in studio control,” said Benny Madsen, project leader at Nordisk Film TV. “The solution gives just a few operators the ability to create complex productions more easily,” he added, “and we are only getting started in taking advantage of its capabilities. Because Mosart is an IP-based solution, we also have tremendous flexibility in where we can situate both technical control and the presenter studio.” The extension of automated production into other types of content is potentially a revolution in television, bringing the potential for significant operational savings. Already TV2 is looking at extending its experiment, and developing plans to use Mosart for high-profile events include awards shows and regional festivals.

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