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More not less full frontal 3D

13 March 2011
More not less full frontal 3D

In contrast to the prevailing view that 3D filmmaking should be subtle and immersive, director Brian Yuzna (pictured) has argued for even more invasive stereo effects.
 “Most 3D movies are not 3D enough,” Yuzna says. “I want to see things like a spear, a snake or a fireball come out at the audience. Critics tend to belittle it but audiences tend to love it. The only thing is that the effect doesn’t last long enough.”
 The director of Komodo Films’ monster feature Amphibious 3D (2010) and producer of 1985 cult horror Re-Animator, doesn’t think objects should be constantly flying out of the screen but that there should be a consistent ‘sculpting’ of the stereo illusion in front of cinema-goers rather than set back into the frame.
 “Putting the image deep into the frame is a classical tradition,” he explains. “It’s traditionally achieved by deep focus and reached its greatest expression in film noir where the lighting of a scene in high contrast black and white gave the picture a sculptural sensibility.
 “With 3D we have a chance to sculpt elements of the composition right in front of the audience. I know I can’t project things behind and beside an audience, at least using just one 3D projector but that is the effect I am after. I want to be able to compose scenes and then move the camera past actors and sets as the shot continues.
 “I don’t want the audience to be looking at a diorama as they do in most 3D films, I want the audience to be inside the diorama.”
 Amphibious 3D was shot on Reds over two months in Indonesia in 2009. UK 3D specialist Inition consulted on pre-production, storyboards, camera and monitoring equipment and post-production and provided Markus Stone, who heads Inition’s Asia-Pacific office, as stereographer.
 The VFX was handled by Victor 3D Studios and Grid in Brussels, with DI by Galaxy Studios, under post supervisor Hans Van Helden.
 Yuzna, who is developing his second stereo project, says he would also like to see a projection system that enables audiences to see a flat 2D image at the same time as those with 3D glasses are able to see the 3D picture.“Ultimately we need to get rid of the glasses because they are a limit to what we are doing,” he adds.…/amphibious-3d/

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