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More Mediator at World Service

25 June 2010
More Mediator at World Service

BBC World Service has expanded its use of the Pharos Mediator content management platform at its UK headquarters with an auxiliary system installed to provide production and playout support in the event of an interruption to normal operations.

"Mediator is already used for ingest, media workflow, transfer management, router control and playout operations at Bush House," commented Nigel Fry, Head of Transmission & Distribution at BBC World Service. "Our objective was to ensure that core programme output could be kept on air in an emergency affecting our normal operations. A rules-based data export ensures that the backup system is kept up-to-date with content which can be used at any time."

The new configuration can be operated on a push-from-main or pull-from-auxiliary basis. Both the new and the existing Mediator installations are based on an enterprise architecture providing user-access from PC workstations running standard web browsers. Task-specific Web-based display screens guide operators through workflow and allow desktop search and browse of any material."

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