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Moov and Sunset+Vine take HyperX3 racing

10 January 2012
Moov and Sunset+Vine take HyperX3 racing

The specialist graphics provider Moov has started working with the sports production company Sunset+Vine on productions for BBC Horse Racing using Chyron’s HyperX3 as its main graphics platform, writes David Fox.

They started working together with the 2011 Welsh Grand National at the Chepstow Racecourse just after Christmas, and the contract includes three of the biggest events in the racing calendar: the 2012 Grand National at Aintree; the Derby at Epsom Downs; and Royal Ascot.

"Moov brings a high level of innovation and expertise to our racing coverage using an industry-leading racing database interface, coupled with experienced operators and designers," said David Tippett, executive producer at Sunset+Vine.

Throughout the complete BBC Horse Racing broadcast schedule, Moov will provide in-race graphics, including detailed information on each horse — the jockey, trainer, and recent form — the latest betting and results information, as well as presentation graphics such as interview straps and promos.

For two new sequences — Coming Up and Runners and Riders — Moov is combining a live video source from an EVS system with live information such as headlines and realtime betting information. The company is also providing a telestrator and custom horse racing software that interfaces with PA Sport, the official provider of racing data.

"In addition to providing the speed and reliability that are so very important on all live sports events, our Chyron systems offer valuable tools for integrating graphics and data smoothly," said Moov’s managing director, Duncan Foot (pictured).

"The new sequences we are developing require the manipulation of live video mapped to a 3D surface, and this work, which looks amazing, really brings out the best features of the HyperX3."

During each racing event, the production team is using two Chyron HyperX3 systems connected to the racing database interface software, which means either system can call up live betting and results graphics, or lower-frame straps for interviews and other features. One system is being used on the main race coverage while the other is used for all pre- and post-race work. Moov will add a third HyperX3 system for the Grand National, using it exclusively for graphics on the race replay.

"Moov’s proven success with our HyperX3 systems demonstrates the interoperability, power, and versatility of the platform, as well as its ability to enhance and add value to these fast-paced, highly dynamic, and widely viewed sports productions," said Bonnie Barclay, VP and chief marketing officer at Chyron.


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