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Monaco archives with EVS

5 March 2012

EVS and its MediArchive Director system has been chosen by the Audiovisual Archives of the Principality of Monaco. The project will see the digitisation and publishing of 8000 hours of video archives. Founded in 1997, the archive collects and preserves media content about the principality and its heritage. This in turn has led to a significant digitisation requirement to make the content available widely. To accomplish this, the archive needs an asset management solution that boosts the speed and flexibility of referencing, browsing and sharing digital media, but also integrates seamlessly with the existing database and third-party systems. The EVS solution will allow archivists to manage the ingest of 6000 hours of video content from multiple sources, and a further 2000 hours of audio material via an NOA Ingest Line system. The archived content will be stored on LTO tapes in a SpectraLogic robot, under the control of XenData software.

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