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Molinare chooses OmniTek for DCI compliance

11 January 2008

Molinare has invested in OmniTek’s XR image analysis system for monitoring and editorial quality control in its new FilmLight grading suite in Soho. The OmniTek XR will be used on a high-profile film work to ensure DCI compliance.

“We chose OmniTek because of the value the scopes return given their function, form factor and also the ease of the upgrade path,” Paul Sisley, technical operations manager, Molinare. “The functionality of the OmniTek scopes allows the operator to not have to worry about spotting technical issues and to concentrate on editorial issues with absolute confidence.

“We generally require monitoring for RGB parade, picture viewing, a vectorscope and PAL waveform,” explains Sisley. “The OmniTek scope gives us a multitude of options to cater for this. In addition, the Omnitek XR excels with its more technical functions. The event/error logging system is very configurable and can enable the operator to concentrate on editorial QC decisions and then review the error log after viewing the pictures and can be confident that any technical faults with the video stream has been logged and can be fixed before delivery. In the audio QC world the audio measuring and logging functions are also very good, particularly relevant with today’s multichannel delivery specs including Dolby E.”

The OmniTek XR image analysis system is specifically designed for colourists and post production editors working in a HD environment. OmniTek XR’s unique features include “extreme resolution” waveform and vector displays for total image analysis; realtime colour histogram displays in a variety of different gamuts; and support for all 2k and dual-link input formats, with user-programmable LUTs to correct for nonlinear inputs. XR also offers support for XYZ colour space inputs for users working in digital cinema, while the Dolby E monitoring and metadata decoding package provides broadcast engineers with a comprehensive display of the PPM meters and other metadata parameters contained in Dolby E data streams.

“Our customers are demanding more from their monitoring equipment than ever before,” confirms Roger Fawcett, managing director, OmniTek. “We have developed the XR to deliver on these requirements and the systems gives the level of analysis that editors need when working in a highly creative, high-resolution, post production environment. As a result, the OmniTek XR has now become the system of choice for high-end post production facilities around the world and is fully endorsed by all the leading colour grading system manufacturers.”

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