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Modus FX handles visual effects for This is the End

21 June 2013
Modus FX handles visual effects for This is the End

Modus FX completed 240 visual effects shots for This Is The End, the apocalyptic comedy directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, which opens in the UK next week. To bring the story to life, Modus FX created cataclysmic environments, a range of CG monsters, Rapture lights, and other effects to convey catastrophe amid the comedic antics of the ensemble cast.

The film follows a group of six friends, after a series of strange and destructive events which have devastated Los Angeles. The film was shot entirely on location in New Orleans, which needed to be transformed into LA for the blockbuster. Modus created concepts and previs on site during preproduction for weeks before shooting began.  

“Because of the visual scale of the film, we wanted to maximize the efficiency of the post production pipeline, as well as the quality of the results, by working with Paul Linden, VFX supervisor and VFX producer, the directors and production team right from the beginning of the process,” said Yanick Wilisky, VFX executive supervisor for Modus on This Is The End.

The results ranged from earthquakes to a giant sinkhole, huge panicked crowds, winged creatures and giant demons wreaking havoc.

“This Is The End marks a real maturation for Modus,” said Wilisky. “We’ve gone from perfecting subtle effects and creatures to acting as a main vendor for this VFX-heavy feature-length movie. It’s really an exciting time for us.”

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