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Mobile Viewpoint to grasp Olympic Flame

6 February 2012
Mobile Viewpoint to grasp Olympic Flame

Dutch-based company Mobile Viewpoint is to fulfill the live broadcast of London 2012’s Olympic Torch Relay, starting 19 May. The BBC will use Mobile Viewpoint’s Wireless Multiplex Terminal (WMT) to broadcast the relay live on the Internet and BBC channels. The vehicle in front of the relay, responsible for the live coverage, will use the WMT to transmit the images using a combination of different mobile 3G networks. The WMT uses four to eight SIM cards of different operators to create a stable video connection. Mobile Viewpoint, in cooperation with the BBC, developed Continuous Picture Technology (CPT) to ensure a smooth video link when driving through the rough countryside with varying mobile coverage conditions. “Every customer and project proves that our technology and products can play an important role in creating new formats,” said Michel Bais, managing director Mobile Viewpoint. “With the WMT it is possible to have live video connections from any place and any location as long as there is coverage of a mobile network.  The Olympic Torch Relay project is a unique example, because it shows the possibility to realise a live video connection even if there are difficult network coverage circumstances.  We are proud about the partnership resulting in the development of the unique CPT technology. This project shows again that Mobile Viewpoint’s WMT technology provides an alternative for satellite connections and will lead to the development of new (reality) TV formats following people in their day to day life.”

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