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Mobile video and IPTV ‘set to boom’

2 August 2007

According to a new survey out from Tellabs, mobile video and IPTV are going to grow faster than previously predicted. This accelerated growth will be the result of service providers converging wireless and wired networks ahead of schedule to get on the mobile VoD bandwagon, writes Heather McLean.

Just over 50% of respondents to the Tellabs survey said this convergence would occur within the next two years. Capital spend will therefore increase in the second half of 2007. A massive 96% of respondents to the survey said service providers will increase infrastructure spend in the latter half of this year. Service providers were the most confident in this prediction, with 47% of this sector foreseeing a capital spend increase of 8% to 10%, against only 31% of vendors.

Additionally, the survey questioned respondents (telecom industry professionals, questioned by Tellabs and Telephony magazine) on their views of emerging market trends. Both service providers and vendors expected major growth to kick off in the market for mobile TV, but service providers were more confident of growth than vendors.

The survey showed that 54% of respondents agreed that mobile video is driving growth now, or will within the next year. Carrier respondents were more positive than vendors, with 64% agreeing, against 51% of vendors. Also, IPTV will drive significant growth in the market place within three years, agreed 78% of those questioned.

The Tellabs survey polled industry professionals at NXTcomm 2007 in June.

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