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Mistika installed at BskyB

18 February 2010

SGO UK has announced the sale of a Mistika HD finishing system to British Sky Broadcasting for use primarily in creating stereo 3D content.

The sale comes after SGO UK worked closely with the team at Sky to identify their demands and requirements to ingest, edit, colour correct, geometry align and deliver material as quickly as possible. Sky needed a system that had a truly open architecture and vitally, a proven realtime stereo 3D toolset and workflow. Mistika was the only product that met all of these requirements. The SGO UK team also provided a high level of assistance and support, which will continue as the demands for stereo 3D production evolve.

“SGO and Mistika was the clear choice for Sky when we first saw the flexibility and power at IBC 2009. Mistika fitted in perfectly with its open platform and has just worked from day one. Mistika produced and cleaned-up all stereo 3D idents and promos and finished on-screen graphics for the world-first live stereo 3D football match on 31st January. We also used it to finish the Sky cinema advertising shown in front of Avatar 3D. The support provided by SGO has been excellent and we certainly would not have been able to produce the amount of diverse content so quickly without Mistika,” said Sarah Cloutier, VFX manager, Sky Creative.

“This is an incredible success story for SGO and confirms Mistika as a system of choice in stereo 3D production. I am delighted we are a part of what will be UK broadcasting history when stereo 3D arrives in peoples homes later this year,” added Geoff Mills, director of sales and operations, SGO UK. “Stereo 3D has arrived at the cinema and will be available on your TV screen very soon. It is certainly here to stay. Facilities need to get ready for it now and if they have not been asked about stereo 3D yet, they soon will be.”

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