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Mistika gets Equaleyes

20 June 2011
Mistika gets Equaleyes

SGO has added a new automatic stereoscopic image matching tool to Mistika. Equaleyes provides fully automated functions for correcting discrepancies between left and right images, caused by differences in cameras, lenses and stereo rig systems.  Mismatches between left and right images are caused by a variety of inherent shooting variables such as mismatched lenses and stereoscopic camera rigs that do not have the two cameras perfectly aligned. These result in a pair of images where one has a size, position or rotational difference with respect to the other. Known as geometric misalignments, they must be removed by perfectly matching the left and right images together. Manual alignment of Stereo 3D material is a time-consuming process and can account for a large proportion of a post production budget. Equaleyes provides an automatic assessment of the geometric errors between left and right images, using proprietary image recognition technology. This assessment then generates settings to correct not just positional, rotational and scale differences, but also ‘key-stoning’ challenges. The assessment takes barely half a second to compute after which, the corrected shot can be played, or used immediately in realtime, with no further rendering. Sky made use of the technology in its coverage of the recent Royal Wedding. Sky’s lead stereographer Francisco Ramos said: “It would have been impossible to correct that amount of material in such a short space of time, to Sky’s exacting standards, on any other system.”
Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion and SGO Partner, added: "Automated correction of stereoscopic eye disparities is something of an often quoted function, but very few systems and features deliver on their claims. Equaleyes is the first automated geometry and colour fix solution that actually delivers beyond what it promises.” Equaleyes has been added to Mistika version 6 and Mistika Live.

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