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Mistika fame for SGO

14 March 2011
Mistika fame for SGO

SGO will showcase its flagship DI and stereoscopic 3D post production system Mistika and live on-set application Mistika Live. Mistika’s open architecture and open storage approach enables third-party systems to have direct access to files, providing flexible workflows. Internally, Mistika also uses open formats at the highest bit-depth quality with true 16 bit floating point per channel processes, HDR support, 8K+ resolution support, and optical quality-based processing.
 Unveiling Mistika’s version 6, the system can now play 48 frames per second and includes new data developments for both the left and right eye in stereo 3D. The new upgrade will also make it possible to re-conform in the timeline, while still retaining previous effects, with the option to move them to new positions and durations. New stereo 3D tools include a ‘Matching Colour’ feature, which provides an overall accurate pixel-by-pixel colour adjustment between both eyes.

Another stereo 3D highlight is the ‘Depth Map’ tool which solves practical issues, such as colour differences that occur between both eyes, which are derived from mirror rigs or wrong depth when the frame exceeds the parallax (positive or negative), by adjusting this depth to tolerable levels.

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