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Miranda targets World Cup

18 May 2010
Miranda targets World Cup

Miranda Technologies’ award-winning, Densité 3DX-3901 Stereoscopic 3D video processor will be shipping in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

"The FIFA World Cup has become a catalyst for many broadcasters to make their first move to 3DTV", said John Kim, infrastructure product manager at Miranda. "The new Densite 3DX-3901 video processor is ideal for converting signals on-site at the event, from Dual Link to Sensio Side-by-Side format. It’s also well suited to processing the incoming 3D feeds from South Africa, with conversion from Sensio Side-by-Side to Normal Side-by-Side or Dual Link signals."

Miranda’s first release of the Densite 3DX-3901 processor offers high quality conversion of multiple 3D formats, including Dual 1.5Gbps, Normal Side by Side, and Sensio Side-by-Side. The 3D processing functions include Horizontal/Vertical flip and alignment, 2D to 3D conversion for ‘landscape’ shots, and a Proc Amp.

The processor has dual HD outputs to allow previewing of 3D conversion effects, as well as 3D/2D simulcasting. Monitoring functions include Anaglyph, Difference-Disparity, and Left or Right eye display.

Miranda’s expanded range 3DTV of products now includes routers, interfacing, multiviewers and channel branding processors.

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