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Miranda’s Softel workstation gets European debut at IBC

26 August 2013
Miranda’s Softel workstation gets European debut at IBC

Miranda Technologies will present its new Softel Swift Create V8 caption and subtitle workstation for the first time in Europe, at IBC2013.

Swift Create V8 is an update of the workstation that now includes more than 20 new functions that aim to simplify the processes required to create, repurpose and manage subtitle files for multiplatform use.

The product delivers captions and subtitles for content to devices such as smartphones and tablets, and can handle minor captioning changes required to accompany video content delivered to a variety of platforms.

Dave Stollery, Miranda’s vice president, Workflow and Playout, said, “Swift Create V8 represents a major advance in maximising the value of subtitle and caption creation and transmission. In addition to the traditional need to comply with legislation for output tailored to the hard-of-hearing, the growing need to repurpose subtitle assets for new IP-based multiplatform services is fuelling the demand for fast and efficient tools to address subtle variations in video content, format and duration. Swift Create V8 includes the tools to do just that, and much more, which collectively breathe new financial life into archived content.”

Swift Create V8’s SmartText import tool uses natural language processing to retain original sentence structures. Caption and subtitle repurposing for multiplatform devices is accelerated through integral EDL file support, which automatically generates reversioned captions from edited video by only addressing areas where edits were made. A user-definable Profanity Guard tool identifies and provides automatic substitutes for questionable terms, speeding through user-provided lists to ensure inappropriate words are either replaced or permanently deleted. The product also includes a rapid review mode that fast forwards through video portions that do not have captions or subtitles assigned to them.


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