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Miranda launches Enterprise to boldly grow VOD market

29 September 2011
Miranda launches Enterprise to boldly grow VOD market

Miranda launched a scalable, schedule-driven system that can streamline content preparation for broadcast playout and VoD publishing during the recent IBC exhibition, writes Michael Burns.

Enterprise Suite allows playout operators to review, normalise and approve file-based content before it goes to air. Enterprise Suite simplifies the normalisation of program and advertising content for iTX customers, using automated workflows for analysis, review and fixing of the most important file issues.

The normalisation offers support for AFD tagging, high-quality up/down video conversion, audio loudness correction, channel tagging and downmixing, and support for Closed Captions/OP47 subtitles.

Michel Proulx, chief technology officer at Miranda, explained that a key component of the suite was its VoD publishing platform. “It’s about taking the shows that you are airing and turning them into TV everywhere content,” he said. “All of the components in the suite – the workflow, the content normalisation – are driven by the schedule. The facility’s playout schedule becomes the orchestrator of everything that happens.”

The same assets, tools and scheduling processes are shared across VOD and linear television operations. The VOD versioning offers all the tools required to create professional, on-demand content across multiple platforms, including support for dynamic ad insertion signalling and Nielsen watermarking.

“All of our components are scaled by the number of outlets, how many channels they have and how many VoD platforms they serve. So the price point will scale in line with that,” said Proulx. “After the initial investment in storage, our solution is 100 percent software that runs on standard IT servers. iTX as a playout platform scales linearly because each channel is just one more box.”

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