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Milk kits out facility with help from Azule

24 July 2013
Milk kits out facility with help from Azule

Boutique visual effects company Milk has equipped its Fitzrovia premises with a range of VFX equipment, with a leasing solution from Azule Finance. Milk has invested in specialist hardware and software solutions, including Autodesk Maya 3D animation software, Nuke X from the Foundry, Arnold render licenses, CandIT Warp hard disk storage and Fat Twin render nodes.

Milk was established in June 2013 and has produced visual effects for the BBC’s Doctor Who and recent Ice Age Giants. The company enlisted the help of Azule Finance to enable them to quickly kit out and expand their London facility.

Will Cohen, CEO & executive producer at Milk, explained why they invested in the kit:  “Thanks to the competitive leasing solution from Azule and the team’s proactivity and efficiency, we’ve been able to complete our initial technical roll- out extremely swiftly and focus on delivering the creative projects we’re passionate about and also ensure we’re well positioned to meet the demands of this evolving industry and our growing business.”

Peter Savage, managing director at Azule Finance (pictured), commented: “With the timing of this new venture, the company’s not only primed to capitalise on recent tax breaks, but to take advantage of an anticipated influx of TV and feature work coming to London. Milk has equipped itself with some of the best and most sought after technology currently available which will pave the way to what is set to be quite a year for them.”

The company  is currently working on the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who (BBC) and Sherlock: Series Three (Hartswood Films/BBC).

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