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Miles more Van Damme for NEP Visions

19 September 2014
Miles more Van Damme for NEP Visions

Cable specialist VDC Trading has supplied NEP Visions with another 37 100m assemblies of Van Damme Star Quad Tour Grade broadcast cable as well as making all the break-out tail sets.

NEP Visions’ Paul Fournier commented: “We have over 20 trucks in action at any one time requiring many miles of cable. We use Van Damme cable extensively because it has proved to be reliable and well  made. It really withstands the rigours of outside broadcast use.”

NEP Visions has a range of production facilities with a full in-house technical development and support crew. The Visions fleet is equipped with the latest remote and mobile production options and can be available anywhere in the world, the company claims. It has over 25 years’ experience in covering the events worldwide, from being host broadcaster for the Royal Wedding in 2011 to providing HD fly-packs in Kazakhstan.

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