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MicroFlex re-invented by Hamlet

1 April 2014
MicroFlex re-invented by Hamlet

Hamlet has improved on its MicroFlex with the launch of MicoFlex Mach 2, reducing cost and now including combination option module sets and a carry case.

“It’s not rocket science,” said Steve Nunney, MD at Hamlet, “more a case of making something even more applicable to today’s infrastructure for those professionals who seek the highest quality measurement, monitoring and R.O.I. in the real world of operations. Our solutions are always very well received and sold worldwide. NAB is an ideal launch opportunity for the new MicroFlex which we expect to see flying off the shelves at great speed!”

As well as the Mach2, at NAB Hamlet will show DigiScopes DS900G, DS900 and the DigiTek DT900; measurement instruments with user features to suit different environments, all offering from one to four input slots for HD, SD and composite modules.

The company will show its software package VidScope, now MH2B, with its purpose designed capture card, and the 5.6 and 7-inch Precision range of LCD screens with built in T&M.


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