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Microfilms’ Total Control awakes broadcast interest

4 July 2011

French rig developer Microfilms’ rig technology was deployed by outside broadcast and facilities supplier Euro Media Group for coverage of Prince Albert of Monaco’s wedding on 1 July. Microfilms’ Total Control beam splitter rig has been developed with Canon and Fujinon to automatically calculate interaxial base and convergence using lens metadata. Total Control uses a proprietary communication protocol designed with Canon and Fujinon which enables it to drive all lens functions with accuracy and to match two zoom lenses. “For rig alignment, an electronic image processor outputs all offset data from the two cameras to Total Control’s onboard computer,” outlined Microfilms’ Nicolas Charuet. “Images can be offset horizontally, vertically, in scale and in rotation. The computer receives all offset data and memorises all the offset correction values needed for lens matching. All offset data are memorised and ready to be used as correction values in just a few minutes. Total Control mechanically corrects all lenses telecentricity defaults in real time through the entire zoom range.” During set up, the rig is connected to an image analysing software such as Microfilms’ 3D image analyser C-Box, installed in the OB van and linked to any rig via Ethernet. The rigs can also be connected to Sony’s MPE-200 or Stereo Labs’ 3D systems for the same task. “The operator launches an automated procedure during which the onboard computer and the analyser correct all lens disparities,” says Charuet.  “All correction parameters are immediately stored in the onboard computer. Total Control is then able to match optical centres as well as focus, zoom and iris position without any outside electronic assistance. All corrections are local, mechanical and in real time.” Euro Media is shooting a concert by Shakira in Paris using the rigs. Sweden’s NCP Productions has also used Total Control and BSkyB has expressed interest.

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