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Mic co makes it sixth year in a row at IBC Conference

8 September 2012
Mic co makes it sixth year in a row at IBC Conference

The microphone requirements of the IBC Conference are being supplied by Audio-Technica for the sixth consecutive year. In the largest conference venues, the Auditorium, a total of 12 wireless channels will be provided by Audio-Technica Artist Elite systems. Microphones employed for the venue include the head-worn BP892 Microset unit with dual-ear mount, BP893 MicroEarset with unobtrusive one-inch boom and AT899 omnidirectional lavalier. Audience interaction will be captured by AEW-T5400 wireless cardoid condenser mics, and lecterns have been equipped with ES915C18 gooseneck models featuring cardioid elements. Elsewhere, Room B has been fitted with an eight-channel ATCS-60 infrared conference system, while the IBC News teams are working with the AT2022 stereo mics. In addition to providing the equipment, Audio-Technica is co-ordinating all wireless frequency usage in the conference venues. “Audio-Technica has been doing this since 2006 – the first year of our involvement with the event,” notes wireless specialist and product manager Alex Lepges (pictured).8D78

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