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Merging announces 3D panner development

10 October 2014
Merging announces 3D panner development

Merging Technologies’ future 3D panning and mixing engine, to be incorporated in the next release of software for Pyramix and Ovation, will work with Auro-3D creative tools. This new partnership with Auro Technologies means that the panning and mixing engine will allow direct import of Pyramix files to the Auro-3D encoder, and that the plug-in decoder can be used with Pyramix to monitor the Auro-encoded stream.

The 3D panner is suitable to work with any format of object or channel based audio, and Merging is involved with a number of national broadcasters that are evaluating technologies to bring immersive audio into the home.

The company’s Ovation Audio and Event Sequencer can already output and control multiple audio channels but the ability to be able to dynamically pan sounds, live or in response to pre-programmed cues, to an unlimited number of speakers arbitrarily placed in a 3D space, will bring new possibilities to the innovative and more immersive public events now being designed.

Merging’s head of software development, Dominique Brulhart commented; “We’re looked at the various panning solutions available and the way the different formats were evolving. Having our own specific needs for film post production, TV post production, live shows and high resolution immersive recording, it was pretty clear that we had to do more than just design a 3D panning tool. We decided to implement our own pretty revolutionary 3D panning and mixing engine. In parallel, knowing that Auro-3D addresses post production, recording and live sound and already has consumer decoders available, logically led us to integrate with this technology at the earliest stage of our development so that the complete Auro-3D Creative Tool Suite will be available immediately upon the release of Pyramix 10. Opening up creative possibilities and addressing the high-end audio market perfectly matches our philosophy.”

Wilfried Van Baelen, CEO of Auro Technologies and inventor of the Auro-3D format added; “As I have always been a fan of Merging’s expertise and quality, we are delighted that Merging have been able to align their new panning and mixing engine with the Auro-3D Creative Tool Suite. Being able to work seamlessly across Pyramix and Auro-3D will allow more creativity and a smoother workflow.”

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