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Meffy Europe goes with the FLO

21 June 2007

QUALCOMM’s MediaFLO system has been honoured with a Meffy at the annual Meffy Awards dinner held in Monte Carlo. The Meffys, announced each year by the Mobile Entertainment Forum, are industry awards that recognise technological success and innovation in mobile entertainment and are judged by a panel of independent experts, writes Andy Stout.

“The ‘Best TV and Video Service’ Meffy awarded to MediaFLO represents a great achievement, particularly as it was awarded in Europe where the debate about competing standards for mobile TV is very intense,” said Peggy Johnson, president, QUALCOMM Internet Services and MediaFLO Technologies. “We believe an open market built on a sound policy of technology neutrality will provide choice and foster innovation in the industry.”

The TV and Video Service award was based on criteria such as technical, creative or commercial innovation, best use of mobility, ease of use, quantifiable business benefits, proven success in the market, and evidence of increasing the success of the mobile entertainment industry. MediaFLO was honoured with the award for clearly illustrating significant competitive advantages throughout the wireless value chain demonstrated by commercial success in the U.S. market, as well as third-party trials held in Europe.

“The Meffys reflect industry trends and recognise the latest technologies and services that are driving growth in the mobile entertainment market,” said Rimma Perelmuter, executive director of the Mobile Entertainment Forum. “With the MediaFLO System, QUALCOMM has demonstrated that mass volumes of high-quality multimedia content can be delivered to handsets around the world in a cost-effective way.”

The Meffy Award follows on the heels of the 2007 Wireless Week Excellence Award for Emerging Technologies, which MediaFLO received at CTIA 2007 in Orlando. The Wireless Week award was based in part on the successful deployment and commercial availability of the underlying technology by leading operators. The two awards serve to demonstrate the growing momentum behind FLO technology and its growing recognition as a worldwide standard.

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