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Meduza Systems introduces single camera 3D TV solution

3 November 2011
Meduza Systems introduces single camera 3D TV solution

Oriented towards 3D TV production, the Meduza Titan is described as the first fully controllable, lightweight, 3D precision single HD camera with 1080p dual sensors.

Introduced during a special new technology press luncheon presentation as part of Createasphere in Burbank, California, Titan is capable of a full range of frame rates (from 24 fps to 120 fps in 10 bit) and has fast, fully motorised inter-axial (the distance between the lenses) and convergence – both essential to quality S3D film making. Convergence is accurate to 1/1000 of a degree and the inter-axial to 1 micron. Meduza can also provide motors for Iris and focus control. At only 7.5 lbs (3.5 kilos), Titan is crafted of a unique titanium body for lightness and durability.

The new product – which complements rig systems – provides a solution for on-the-fly sports field coverage as well as documentary and ‘narrative’ production. With all of the control systems integrated inside the camera, the set-up is also optimised for shooting in the kind of adverse weather conditions that affect outdoor sports and natural history productions. Titan can be controlled from anywhere, either on-board or via tethered or remote controls.

Testing by 3D Visual Enterprises in the UK has included mounting the Titan on top of traditional broadcast cameras to determine how positioning and framing can be shared, but with 3D controlled remotely.

Chris Cary, CEO of 3D Visual Enterprises, the UK parent company of Meduza Systems, commented: “The desire of the consumer for an enhanced 3D television entertainment experience and the pressure on hardware manufacturers and retailers to sell the new 3D enabled hardware, is mandating the broadcaster to deliver. There is no doubt that content is king when it comes to driving the television market and right now there clearly isn’t enough 3D television content being produced. An unquestionable demand has been established in the 3D equipment marketplace where currently there is a void for a camera with the versatility of the Titan.

“We had expected theatrical productions to continue being the driving force for the growth in 3D equipment until late in 2012. Our plan has always been to release a 1080p only camera system for television but it was originally scheduled later in our release cycle. The huge effort being made by Sky in the UK and other broadcasters to unlock the possibilities with 3D for broadcasters has shifted the underlying demand to television.”

Titan is priced at $55,000 US and can be ordered with either C mount or the new Meduza mount for the Meduza matched pair prime lens series (Delta 4KS3D). Pre-order customers can expect delivery in late December.

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