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Meduza aims Titan at broadcast 3D production

7 November 2011
Meduza aims Titan at broadcast 3D production

Meduza Sales is to launch a dual lens 2K 3D camera for broadcast production by the end of the year. Company CEO Chris Cary talks to TVBEurope about the €39,000 Titan which has been test mounted onto existing broadcast cameras with convergence and IA controlled from an OB truck via fibre, much the same model as the CPG Fusion 3D system. Chris Cary, CEO of 3D Visual Enterprises, the UK parent company of Meduza Systems, explained that the genesis of the camera came from feedback from NAB and IBC.  “We really did think that production output that would drive kit development would be theatrically based, but it turns out that the real pressure for innovation is TV. Broadcasters and producers want to do 3D but kit is the barrier. It’s not just size or cost of kit, it’s also the time taken to set it up which is preventing 3D content provision. There is no doubt that content is king and that content will drive the 3D market, but not while technology remains a barrier.” The Titan and the modular 4K-ready Meduza MK1 are complimentary to each other and to 3D rig systems. The Meduza Mark I, launched at IBC, is intended for the more expensive and theatrical end of production, whereas Titan, which outputs 442 and 444, not RAW, and is smaller in length than the Meduza, is “intended as a pick up and shoot camera for TV,” he said. “The real selling point of the Meduza Mk 1 is that its modular and interchangeable design means it can be kept fresh with new sensors and new electronics or lenses and never grow old. The Titan is more conventional because we don’t see broadcast delivery changing beyond HD in the near future. The only reason to use a higher resolution sensor for TV is when shooting to get higher speeds or for bracketing the sensor differently to achieve specific results.” Featuring two 1080p CMOS sensors, Titan is capable of frame rates, from 24 fps to 120 fps in 10 bit, and has fully motorised interaxial and convergence. Convergence is claimed to be accurate to 1/1000 of a degree and the interaxial to 1 micron. Meduza can also provide motors for Iris and focus control.   At 7.5 lbs (3.5 kilos), the compact model is crafted from titanium for lightness and durability. It can be ordered with either C mount or the new Meduza mount for the Meduza matched pair prime lens series (Delta 4KS3D).   “Our plan has always been to release a 1080p-only camera system for television, but it was originally scheduled later in our release cycle,” he added. “The huge effort being made by Sky in the UK and other broadcasters to unlock the possibilities with 3D for broadcasters has shifted the underlying demand to television.   “An unquestionable demand has been established in the 3D equipment marketplace where currently there is a void for a camera with the versatility of the Titan.”   Testing by 3D Visual Enterprises has included mounting the Titan on top of traditional broadcast cameras to determine how positioning and framing can be shared, but with 3D controlled remotely. 

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