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Mediatec transforms HD production quality with Grass Valley

28 February 2013
Mediatec transforms HD production quality with Grass Valley

Mediatec Broadcast has chosen Grass Valley to enable its ongoing expansion in the global live broadcast and events market. Grass Valley will help Mediatec Broadcast standardise and streamline its broadcast acquisition and production workflows to increase productivity across the organisation. Headquartered in Sweden, Mediatec Broadcast will deploy a total of 46 complete Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite cameras with 3G Fiber Transmission systems, two LDK 8300 live super slow-motion cameras, two Kayak 2.5 M/E HD digital production switchers (pictured) and a number of other accessories to various departments in Scandinavia and Finland. “With our international reputation for unparalleled technical expertise and high-end in-house technologies, it’s vitally important that we are able to provide innovative, flexible, and creative solutions for broadcast and production at major and smaller scale events worldwide,” said Paul Henriksen, CEO for Mediatec Broadcast. “The Grass Valley deployment offers a complete end-to-end solution, which will enable our cameras to become part of the workflow and switch to any of the current TV formats up to 1080p. This will help us to work smarter and meet the challenges associated with live TV production.” As part of the deployment eight LDK 8000 Elite camera systems were sent to Norway, six to Finland, and 32 to Sweden. The LDK 8300 super slow-motion cameras were sent to Norway. The LDK 8000 Elite Series can capture HD images natively, and switch instantly between multiple formats and selectable frame-rates of up to 1080p50. Also included in the sale were two Grass Valley Kayak switchers – highly affordable, compact, and flexible systems – offering a wide array of high-end features for everything from live studio and mobile production, to small corporate studios and editing applications. The Kayak switchers are the fourth and fifth identical units to be installed in a series of identical OB vans, designed and built to an exact match, enabling a uniform approach.

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