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Mediasmiths help simplify TV4’s technology landscape

6 September 2011
Mediasmiths help simplify TV4’s technology landscape

Mediasmiths has completed a project to simplify and streamline TV4 Sweden’s technology portfolio, using new open source systems to enable the broadcaster to better integrate internal and external systems, and adapt quickly to changes, writes David Fox.

Over the years, TV4 has integrated different media technologies into its business, but had to cope with all the different standards, which required an increasing amount of time and effort to maintain, manage and support them. This is why it called in Mediasmiths to simplify its technology.

“The steps we have taken towards a consolidated integration environment are strategically significant for the implementation of future new solutions within TV4," said Jonas Collsiöö, TV4’s Technical Director.

As part of this project, the two organisations worked as a team, erasing many of the boundaries that can emerge in a traditional supplier/client relationship.

The first step of the transformation saw Mediasmiths and TV4 work closely to set the key business requirements for the service bus to manage integrations. Based on this, Mediasmiths did a targeted evaluation and proof of concept for an open source answer. TV$ wanted to make sure that any new structure could be integrated across both internal and external systems.

“Mediasmiths has provided both technical expertise and implementation experience, enabling us to quickly and successfully deploy solutions that follow industry best practice, while being tailored to our individual needs," said Purre Persson, Systems Developer at TV4.

Mediasmiths also developed new routines and governance guidelines to enable TV4 to achieve its business goals with the new platform. These were aimed at future-proofing the new system to integrate with any new solutions.

“The integration environment that Mediasmiths has helped us develop provides us with the flexibility we need as an organisation as well as a clear structure for integrations in a way that we simply have not had before," added Jan Rizvi, Head of Development at TV4.

The success of the project was down to "continuous dialogue with the TV4 team and keeping a clear focus on the business goals," explained Peter Henebäck, General Manager at Mediasmiths in the Nordics (pictured), which allowed them to create a solution that work for the business now and for the future, "providing the team with a clear way forward, whether integrating new systems, scaling existing infrastructure or adapting to meet new and unplanned business needs.”

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