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Mediaproxy introduces entry-level compliance recording

1 March 2013
Mediaproxy introduces entry-level compliance recording

Mediaproxy has launched LogServer LE, a new entry-level compliance logging and monitoring system. It draws on the proven LogServer platform which is in use with major broadcasters worldwide for continuous multi-channel SD and HD compliance recording. The new LogServer LE provides all the core functionality of the full system, but in a form which is ideal for smaller operations with up to four channels. This size of operation does not need the enterprise features that the full system provides. Housed in a single 1U box included the server, LogServer LE is managed by a web-based user interface. As well as recording the content, the system allows users to monitor video, audio and realtime data sources. The retention of the logged recordings can be set to meet the business and regulatory needs of the broadcaster. As well as searching by date and time, users can find content by searching subtitles or closed captions. If a section of the broadcaster’s output is called into question, through the web interface a user can create a clip of the incident and deliver it via email. According to Erik Otto, CEO of Mediaproxy, “Broadcasters large and small have a mandate to maintain compliance, but the needs of each are different. Rather than force smaller broadcasters to buy features they do not need, we are offering a cost-effective solution that allows them to maintain compliance without breaking their budget. Should they grow and require more robust enterprise features an upgrade path is available, protecting their investment.”

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