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MediaGeniX enhances VoD for WHATS’On suite

20 September 2010
MediaGeniX enhances VoD for WHATS’On suite

The fourth generation of the MediaGeniX WHATS’On integrated cross-media scheduling, workflow, and content lifecycle system was introduced at IBC with a host of new features.

Topping the list is a fully embedded VoD module that has been fine-tuned in production and is now completely embedded in the standard software package. The benefit for users? Multimedia content can now be planned on any platform, linear or on-demand, from within one single software backbone.

Michel Beke, Product Manager and co-founder of MediaGeniX (pictured), said an efficient back office for VoD content is based on a number of components, such as detailed rights management, workflow support, material management, portal metadata and communication with the different VoD platforms, playout suites and Media Asset Management systems.

“Combining VoD services with linear channels promises significant business and workflow advantages,” he added.

Also new is an improved transaction system, based on active change propagation that automatically updates user screens in realtime. The system not only ensures data to sync immediately throughout the entire organisation, but also provides chat functionality, presence registry, collision detection and transaction merging, which are indispensable in a highly collaborative environment.

Finally, a new graphical user interface is now fully meta-model driven, allowing for smooth and rapid customisation of the standard software. A navigation-style setup gives easy access to hierarchical sets of data in detailed forms or overview lists. Other enhancements include in-line editable grids and support for changes in batch and for non-Latin characters like Arabic, Thai and Chinese.

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