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MediaCityUK purchases yellobrik

9 July 2010
MediaCityUK purchases yellobrik

Lynx Technik has got another nice win in the bag, providing its yellobrik SDI to HDMI Converters for Phase 1 of Peel Media’s MediaCityUK project. The solution consists of 20 single-mode SDI fibre optic to HDMI converters for converting HD-SDI and 3G fibre signals to HDMI for monitoring studio feeds.

UK systems integrator TSL is working as the technical design consultants for the planning and implementation of Phase 1 of the MediaCityUK project. "During our technology planning, decision making and careful evaluation of all available solutions, we felt that Lynx Technik yellobrik SDI to HDMI converters offered a unique and high quality solution to meet MediaCity UK’s requirements, commented Julian Knight, CTO of TSL. “The ability to convert directly from the fibre optic infrastructure to HDMI on studio monitors using the Lynx Technik SDI to HDMI converters saves in up-stream conversion and distribution.”

The yellobrik CDH 1811 SDI to HDMI converters with fibre transceiver option will be used as studio monitoring solutions and convert SDI signals to HDMI to visually monitor incoming feeds on the studio floor. The converters will be fixed to the rear of the studio floor monitors (1920×1080) and the fibre optic I/O option ensures the fibre transmission of SDI signals up to 10Km (6.2 miles) away, which allows the studio to take fibre all the way to the monitor.

MediaCityUK is employing a novel approach to studio monitoring, using passive fibre optic splitters, rather than traditional distribution amplifiers to supply monitoring feeds to the studio floors. The CDH 1811 SDI to HDMI converter provides the final conversion link in the fibre transmission chain.

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