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Media Asset Management 9.5

27 February 2013
Media Asset Management 9.5

At NAB 2013 Cinegy will be demonstrating the key features of the new 9.5 version of Cinegy’s Media Asset Management and Archive solutions, Archive 9.5 and Cinegy Desktop 9.5 along with its Automation, Playout and CG Solutions Cinegy Air 9.5, Cinegy Studio 9.5 and Cinegy Type 9.5. Cinegy Archive 9.5, now supporting Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, features a new native 64-bit Cinegy Archive Services, improving scalability of web services for cloud integration. It also supports object tagging, allowing very quick and simple searches of the archive. Cinegy Desktop is the window to all stored content in Cinegy Archive. It is the powerful yet simple interface for ingesting, importing, logging, editing and exporting items from Cinegy Archive. Cinegy Desktop 9.5 now features major audio model enhancements, adding workflows for handling mono, stereo and surround audio tracks through the complete media lifecycle, along with an enhanced audio mixer for the timeline, allowing mixing of source tracks to master outputs along with clip or track level gain adjustments. Also on display is Cinegy Air 9.5, which has added support for direct playout of the new Cinegy Desktop sequences with all the enhancements to sound and vision intact. In addition, Cinegy Type 9.5 is the integrated realtime graphics composition engine for Cinegy Desktop, Cinegy Air, Cinegy Studio and Cinegy Convert. Cinegy Type 9.5 features improvements to performance for realtime operations, particularly when embedding large-format videos into plates.  It also features enhanced GUI indicators for missing media (images, fonts, videos) so users can see if the clip that was connected to the template has gone missing straight from the object tree. SL11112

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