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MBT completes TF1’s DAM installation

4 March 2014
MBT completes TF1’s DAM installation

Media and Broadcast Technologies (MBT) has finished the first phase of the installation of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, for the management of infographics for TF1 group of channels.

In collaboration with the operations, support and engineering teams of TF1, MBT has adapted its Digital Asset Management solution SPHERE, to cover the specific needs of the Production Asset Management system. The NewsGraph solution organises the activity of the infographics department for all news-related needs of the TF1 group.

NewsGraph serves as an asset management system for projects produced by several graphical workstations combining compositing features, features to edit geographical maps, use modelling, 3D animation, and editing software. It is also a workflow management tool for graphics present in newscast subjects, as well as on set, including pictures and animations on large screens. Finally, it provides a solution for supervising and monitoring of different distribution and production tools.

“This solution allows the full technical supervision of the workflow using a single tool, which reinforces the link with the editorial department,” commented Philippe Pochelu, head of infographics at the Technical Board of TF1. “Sharing information in realtime between recipients is very appreciable. Access and preview of all media from our database ensures the enrichment and a permanent sharing of our graphis. When you add to this the automatic purge system 30 days after the production date, you have some concrete examples of added value of NewsGraph for our work.”

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