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MBC relies on RTS

9 July 2009

The Dubai-based broadcasting corporation MBC Group has just invested in BTR-700 RadioCom systems from Telex to optimise communications in its headquarters in Dubai.

The wireless intercom systems are being used by MBC’s two most important channels: MBC1, the region’s leading purveyor of family entertainment, and Al Arabiya News, the leading news channel in the Arab world. In each case, the wireless BTR-700 system facilitates communication between the floor manager and cameraman.

Regional Sales Manager Ammar Fawzy commented: “The BTR-700 is extremely reliable and has a long range – even in a complex building where the signals have to pass through a large number of intervening walls. These characteristics make the BTR-700 the perfect solution.”

The BTR-700 is a single-channel UHF synthesised wireless intercom base station with an A4M headset connector. It guarantees reliable communication of the highest quality. The base station provides full-duplex communication with up to four TR-700 frequency-agile belt packs. Integration with Telex Audiocom, RTS Two-Wire Intercom, ClearCom and RTS Digital Matrix Intercom systems as well as other four-wire communications systems is possible.

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