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Maverik provides keys to new OB van concept

14 September 2013
Maverik provides keys to new OB van concept

Germany’s TV Skyline will be using Snell’s Kahuna 360 production switcher at the heart of a new-generation OB truck, including the first deployment of Maverik control panels for Kahuna 360 in a mobile unit.

Optimised to meet the demands of large-scale events and live sports coverage, the truck will make use of five Make M/E-enabled units that can be configured into multiple, application-specific M/Es. The new truck will be 3G-capable and 4K-ready throughout and will feature a Snell Sirius 840 routing switcher and IQ Modular infrastructure.

“Maverik modules can be assembled in a huge variety of configurations, assuring that the limited space in the mobile unit isn’t wasted on buttons, M/Es, and panels that aren’t needed,” said Stefan Geradts, Snell’s sales director Central and Eastern Europe.

Wolfgang Reeh, founder and CEO of TV Skyline, said it was critical to employ systems that can be tailored to the demands of a given event. “Event-specific control solutions are only possible with a control panel system that enables the user to change the order and combination of the subpanels on an individual basis,” said Reeh. “Snell’s Maverik is the only product to achieve this functionality. In combination with the Kahuna 360 system’s Make M/E technology, the Maverik panel will enable us to realise our vision of a uniquely customis 

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