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Matrox unleashes Thunderbolt for 3x display

9 May 2011

Matrox Graphics‘ DualHead2Go DP Edition and TripleHead2Go DP Edition multi-display adapters are now compatible with the latest Apple MacBook Pro notebooks that incorporate the new high speed Thunderbolt port, writes David Fox.

The Thunderbolt I/O standard was developed by Intel, with technical collaboration from Apple, and is designed for use with high performance peripherals, such as fast hard drives, uncompressed video feeds and monitors.

The new firmware update for the DualHead2Go DP and TripleHead2Go DP allow them to output to dual- and triple-monitor displays, including OpenGL support. The new software will also add 2x 1400×1050 multi-projector resolution to its already comprehensive supported resolution list.

"DualHead2Go DP and TripleHead2Go DP deliver workstation-class, multi-display performance for the most demanding media creators and CAD designers," said Caroline Injoyan, Business Development Manager, Matrox Graphics. "We’re happy to provide continuous support to our Mac users by enabling Thunderbolt compatibility on our Graphics eXpansion Modules."

The Graphics eXpansion Modules work in conjunction with a system’s existing GPU to provide high-quality, uncompressed graphics and video across maximum resolutions of dual 1920×1200 and triple 1360×768 under Mac OS X. With the additional desktop display area, MacBook Pro users can run different applications on each monitor or view one application across multiple displays, eliminating the need for re-sizing, re-arranging, and re-organizing multiple windows. Notebook users can use their laptop’s LCD as a third—or fourth—monitor for extra display space. The GXMs are also compatible with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.

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