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Massive file synchronisation from Aspera

23 May 2011
Massive file synchronisation from Aspera

Aspera Sync is a new software engine developed for multi-direction file replication and continuous synchronisation over wide area networks. It is designed to support stores containing millions of individual files, each of which can be very large.It is claimed to outperform current synchronisation tools by 10x to 100x. It can be configured for continuous realtime synchronisation, or replications can be triggered manually or automatically. It supports multi-directional synchronisation where content is changing on multiple nodes.Features include one to one, one to many and full mesh synchronisation, with extreme scalability to handle millions of files, multi-terabyte file sets and multi-gigabit transfer speeds. There is an open interface for integration with third party processes and systems, and a management console for configuration, management and reporting.Unlike conventional replication tools which copy any new data over the WAN, Aspera Sync intelligently recognises operations such as moves and renames, and instantly propagates only these instructions to remote peers, thereby avoiding hours of unnecessary network bandwidth.SSH authentication and data encryption is included for security across open networks.

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