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Marvin scopes 3D support

14 March 2011
Marvin scopes 3D support

Marvin will be used in a film about Freddy Heineken capturing every frame from two RED MX cameras. Marvin Technologies will introduce its new Marvin 2.0 on-set camera data management system. Along with support for all common digital cinema cameras, including RED, ARRI Alexa, Silicon Imaging SI 2K and others, visitors will get to see Marvin’s new stereoscopic 3D support. Marvin automates the creation of backups, LTO tape masters, QuickTime proxies for offline editing and DVD dailies as well as shot logging. Now, with Marvin 2.0, filmmakers have a choice of three models, ensuring data safety and efficient transcoding for any size of project.
 The new stereo 3D support in Marvin 2.0 allows the system to ingest left and right eye images simultaneously, archiving to two LTO tapes – one for each eye. It will render stereoscopic content to side-by-side, interleaved or checkerboard QuickTimes for Final Cut Pro or MXF files for fast import into Avid systems.
 Marvin 2.0 is available in three models based on daily shooting requirements. Marvin 400 can process 400GB of camera data per day, the Marvin 800 can handle 800GB per day, and the Marvin 3D can ingest up to 1.5TB of regular or stereo 3D footage per day.
 “We’ll be using the new Marvin on our next feature,” says director Maarten Treurniet, inventor of the Marvin. “The film is a dramatic re-telling of the 1983 kidnapping of Freddy Heineken, owner of the Heineken brewing empire. We’ll be shooting for 45 days and Marvin will be capturing every frame from two RED MX cameras and generating all of our on-set deliverables right on the spot. You can’t get more efficient than that.”
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