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Marquise magnifies M I S T Mastering

28 August 2012
Marquise magnifies M I S T Mastering

Marquise Technologies, a Swiss manufacturer of post production solutions, has expanded M I S T features with an IMF (Interoperable Master Format) Mastering process, allowing comprehensive and versatile handling of this mezzanine format. M I S T is now able to visually create IMF packages using the internal FlowGraph, which pictures the IMF package and its various Output Profile Lists (OPLs). It also allows easy and fast additions or modifications of multiple processes like Color Space conversions, LUTs and resizing. IMF packages can be created and reopened, allowing a full round-trip. They can also be managed and OPLs can be used to generate the required versions of content. M I S T also supports subtitling and reel-management. "IMF is envisioned to become the industry’s next generation mezzanine standard format. Endorsed by the Hollywood majors, this new package format is capable of handling complex versions of almost any kind of audio-visual content. M I S T once more delivers a unique, high-level and modern user interface to tackle the complexities of IMF and help post houses and broadcasters to safely finalise their migration into a tapeless world", commented Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies. IMF Mastering is available as an option in M I S T i/o and M I S T mobile product ranges.


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