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Marquis Broadcast announces X2Pro Audio Convert

1 February 2012
Marquis Broadcast announces X2Pro Audio Convert

Media integration specialists Marquis Broadcast has launched its X2Pro Audio Convert, which will be available at the end of the month. The application uses the company’s Media Highway technology to integrate Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows. X2Pro converts the exported Final Cut Pro X XML into an AAF file, which Avid Pro Tools can open as a session, enabling integration between the two applications. Chris Steele, product manager of Marquis Broadcast, said: “It provides a smooth workflow between Final Cut Pro X and Pro Tools, allowing users to take full advantage of the functionality of these world-class products now and in the future.” Using the enhanced metadata in XML 1.1 from Final Cut Pro X, X2Pro provides a high fidelity conversion to a Pro Tools session, with planned support for audio gain, transitions, and key frames. Taking advantage of the metadata-based organising features in Final Cut Pro X, unlimited numbers of audio roles in Final Cut Pro X are converted into Pro Tools tracks, allowing sound designers and mixers to start working immediately. X2Pro will be available by the end of February at an introductory discount price of $69.99 for the first month, compared to a list price of $99.99.

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