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Making more of logging

23 May 2011
Making more of logging

The MonitorIQ system from Digital Nirvana is a compliance logger which captures content in whatever form is required, from SDI to ASI transport streams. By capturing the whole steam, including metadata, subtitles and other information, it can also be used as a quality control device. NBC in the USA has MonitorIQ units at more than a dozen points in the signal flow to identify precisely where errors are introduced.The base unit records four channels simultaneously, with 90 days of low resolution storage on board. External disks allow for higher quality and longer archives. Multiple systems can be linked with a web interface for centralised management.Recorded content can be searched by programme title, description, metadata, subtitle text, as-run log, traffic log, alarm and discrepancy logs, or by date, time and channel. Once located, material can be clipped, stored and exported in a number of formats for review.The same functionality can also be used to repurpose the content for other platforms. An optional module MonitorIQ Producer can merge multiple clips with smooth video and audio transitions to create a new, ready to publish file. Audio loudness is monitored and logged, with the loudness profile added to the metadata, ensuring repurposed content has good sound.

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