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Making money from multi-screen

11 November 2013
Making money from multi-screen

To provide simple and secure payment infrastructures for broadcasters and other content owners, Clearleap and PayWizard have formed a strategic alliance. Clearleap is a leading provider of multi-screen video systems, and PayWizard specialises in subscriber management and billing.

The joint venture will enable systems to be built which not only deliver the content but offer direct, single-click payments. The platform is designed to work across multiple platforms and in multiple territories.

“Content owners and operators are constantly under pressure to attract new customers and deliver a compelling user experience,” said Braxton Jarrett, CEO of Clearleap. “Integration with PayWizard allows us to weave together all the technologies required to deliver a solution that enhances the user experience while allowing our customers to experiment with new monetisation.

“PayWizard has extensive experience in the market,” Jarrett added. “Together we are addressing the challenges faced by operators, by implementing a stream video business model that consumers find engaging and enjoyable, and allows them to buy premium video anywhere, any time, at the push of a button.”

The integrated system provides direct monetisation of premium content online and to tablets, smartphones, connected TVs and digital set-top boxes. The back-end is scalable to manage any size of subscriber base.

“It is clear that offering paid access to premium content libraries is becoming a must-have for content owners,” said Jamie Mackinlay of PayWizard. “By combining our solution with Clearleap’s robust framework we can give consumers a way to buy, subscribe to and stream their favourite content, whenever and wherever they choose.”

By Dick Hobbs

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