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Makers Channel launches in UK

10 June 2016
Makers Channel launches in UK

Dutch service Makers Channel has launched in the UK.

The platform, self-proclaimed as the ‘perfect mix of YouTube and Netflix’, collates the ‘best of the web’ and produces original series with social influencers and stars.

Its mobile-first site possesses six themes; comedy and pranks, cooking and food, beauty and lifestyle, gaming, music and entertainment.

Makers Channel UK managing director, Eline van der Velden (pictured) said, “I’ve been making viral content for years. My own show, Miss Holland, has been watched millions of time around the world, and as a web series fan myself, I know when something bombs.

“With so many platforms allowing anyone to upload their videos, the amount of irrelevant content you have to trawl through to find something genuinely great is too much for most people.

“At Makers Channel, we don’t let just anyone upload – we hand pick everything, so when you see the Makers Channel player, you know you’re getting the best online content delivered to you.”

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