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M6 picks Cantemo to streamline workflow

12 November 2014
M6 picks Cantemo to streamline workflow

Cantemo Portal has been implemented by the M6 group, with the aim of streamlining the archiving workflow and collaboration within the group’s brand and on air promotion team.

Created in 1987 as part of the M6 channel, the Groupe Métropole Télévision provides a range of programming, products and services across France on a variety of platforms, including television, internet, and mobile.

M6 has selected Cantemo to manage that content, integrating both legacy assets and its current and continually library of content. Cantemo Portal manages and indexes those assets, giving the team at M6 search and access to any individual asset.

“We reviewed all the different media asset management solutions on the market before selecting Cantemo Portal,” commented Alexis Bureau, project manager, broadcast engineering department, M6. “Cantemo Portal gave us the majority of functionality desired off the shelf, and thanks to the integration and specific developments conducted by Lapins Bleus Conseil, we now have a comprehensive solution fitting our needs precisely.”

“The system is so flexible, so logical and so easy to use that we are certain there will be solutions to any new requirements,” commented Michel Nougué, head of brand and on air promotion. “We can imagine utilising it as a collaborative platform for on air promos, to manage approvals for example, in addition to the archive.”

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo, added: “M6 is an innovative multimedia company, delivering a wide range of content to a plethora of devices. With Cantemo Portal, we enabled M6 to manage that complexity effectively, in a significantly more structured way.”

M6 is also reviewing expanding the use of Cantemo Portal for other areas of the business. Full details of the project are explained this video:

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