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M.O.S. Sync aims to transform metadata collection

16 April 2007

Metadata Origination Systems is launching its on-set metadata origination, collection and tracking system at NAB. The system comprises the M.O.S. Monster, Minutes, Minuteman, TranScript and Silo products, which the company says together can completely transform the way metadata is collected during a production.

The collection of metadata is becoming as necessary as removing the lens cap in today’s complex production environment, says the company boldly. The rugged M.O.S. Monster server sits quietly on the set and gathers metadata generated during the production process-from project information to status of the camera and lens on every frame. Once Metadata has been gathered using the M.O.S. Monster the TranScript combines it with shot information; the combined data comprising metadata and all shot information for the take is ready immediately for realtime ingest into the Avid editing environment.

The metadata origination, collection and tracking system is part of an overall solution available from M.O.S. Sync, which also includes the M.O.S. Minutes Digital Dailies origination, storage and viewing system. “Naturally,” commented M.O.S. Sync, CEO & Founder Bernie Laramie, “all the metadata collected during the production process is stored with the original material from the set. Dailies are available via a secure internet browser to anyone who is authorised to view the material.”

It’s expected that the savings achieved when using the dailies system will be considerable: no dubs, no delay; no DVD copies with their inherent security issues. The cost of storing dailies (in the M.O.S. Sync encrypted media distribution centre) during the production and archiving afterwards is small when compared to the multiple dubs and DVD copies required daily by the production.

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